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Antminer S19 Pro For Sale

Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro Price

Antminer S19 Pro For Sale

Now’s the Best Time to Buy a New or Used Antminer S19 Pro
Begin your BTC mining journey — or continue it — with an Antminer S19j. Prices start at only $7,500. Those looking for a bit more firepower may want to opt for the S19 Pro with costs starting at around $9,000. Of course, with the ongoing situation in flux, prices are expected to fluctuate accordingly. For the most current price sheet, please contact us directly. If you are only looking for a couple of machines, we will give you a referral to an excellent resource. If you need a quote immediately, we can get it for you. Our 100Th machines are located in Malaysia, the United States, and China — and they are ready to be shipped right now.

Antminer S19 Pro For SaleNeed Hosting Rates? We Can Help You with That

Antminer S19 Pro Price

Are you all in with your BTC mining plans? If so, let’s talk about hosting rates. Ours start at 5.5 kwh cents. If you require something a little different, we can connect you with one of our amazing partners. Our goal is to make S19 buying and hosting plans as cost-effective and simple as possible. If you want to get around fees for tariffs and taxes while avoiding dreaded shipping charges, reach out to us. When you’re serious about acquiring miners and starting to hash as soon as possible, our team wants to help. Again, prices are fluctuating due to the market, so talk to us directly for assistance.

Antminer S10 Pro PriceBitmain Antminer S19 Pro Prices

In New York
Purchase S19 95TH for $(Call Us) with hosting at $185 per month
Purchase S17 60TH for $4800 with hosting at $104 per month
Terms for One Year
Get started ASAP

For Wyoming, Kentucky and Arkansas
Purchase S19j 90t, S19 110TH or S19 95t for $(Call Us) with hosting at $180 per month
Go Month to Month
Get started ASAP

South Carolina and Colorado
Purchase S19 (110TH or 95TH) for $9,999 with hosting at $180 per month
MOQ 10
Terms for One Year
Start ASAP
*Contact us for colocation information.

Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro PriceManaged BTC Hosting
For people and teams who prefer a hands-off approach, this is an excellent option. When you don’t want to deal with purchasing miners or hosting, consider this turnkey option. You’ll receive guaranteed Terahash for three years.

36 Months of Th – Guaranteed
Pay between $34.95 and $44.95 per Terahash
OPEX fee of $1.69 per Terahash
Management charge between 10-15%
Around-the-clock customer service

Starting Points for 500Th (MOQ)
One-time fee: $22,475
OPEX monthly fee for three years: $845
Potential yield: 2.25-2.5 BTC over three years

Starting Points for 5,000Th
One-time fee: $209,750
OPEX monthly fee for three years: $8,450
Potential yield: 22-25 BTC over three years

Starting Points for 10,000Th
One-time fee: $389,500
OPEX monthly fee for three years: $16,900
Potential yield: 44 to 50 BTC over three years

*Obviously, these figures are all ballpark and will change according to the market. For the most up-to-date information, call, text or email us directly. Feel free to request a brochure.

About the Antminer S19 & S19 Pro & S19J
These impressive tools were released last year. However, most crypto people are familiar with the Antminer. The Antminer L7 for sale and S17 Pro were very popular, and the manufacturer has managed to improve upon them. With the Antminer S19 (95TH), miners will marvel at the efficiency. Most of it is due to a revolutionary new chip set that powers the system. Running on 3250 watts and mining the SHA-256 algorithm, the Antminer S19 has indeed won over a lot of fans. But, for those who are very serious about capitalizing off of all the latest news, the Pro 100Th version of the machine boasts even more impressive efficiency.

With so much movement in the market recently, it’s up to miners to locate efficient systems that will work for the long haul. The amount of opportunity these days has expanded tremendously due to unforeseen circumstances, and savvy miners need to take advantage.

Antminer S19 Pros
-Manufactured by Bitmain, which is one of the most revered names in mining.
-Incredible Terahashing rates and extraordinary efficiency
-PSU comes with it

Antminer S19 Cons
-Not always easy to find in Canada and the U.S.
-Customers pay a lot for the improved efficiency
-Still needs to establish itself as a leader in its niche