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Antminer L3++ Price

Antminer L3 For Sale

Antminer L3++ For Sale

Antminer L3++ Front Side
Antminer L3++ Front Side

The Bitmain AntMiner L3 is one of the most powerful and cost-effective mining machines on the market. It provides a balance of high hashing power and low current consumption for your mine. You will be able to mine coins at an average speed of 220 GH/s with a power usage of 500 watts.
Bitmain’s L3 is a great choice for someone looking to get started in the mining game. Please read through this guide, and you will learn everything you need to know about these awesome machines!

The Bitmain Antminer L3 ships have a power supply that provides 750 watts during mining. You will be able to hook the machine directly into an outlet without any difficulties. It is especially convenient if you have limited space or don’t have time to deal with network cables.

Antminer L3+ For Sale

Antminer L3+ Side View
Antminer L3+ Side View

Making Effective Use of the Antminer L3
Let’s talk about the most crucial aspects of mining with the Bitmain Antminer L3, (L3++, L3+) and it’s power efficiency. When talking about efficiency, we are talking about how much you can make with a unit of energy. The L3 that ships with its PSU provide an average hash rate of 220 GH/s while consuming 500 watts. It is pretty impressive considering that it only uses half of your total world power consumption.

What About the Antminer L3 Fans?
The fans on the L3 are going to be pretty loud. From experience, these machines are not as quiet as they could be, but it is not a deal-breaker. Frequently, all you do is turn off the miner, plug it in and turn it back on to get all the heat out of your room. It is a pretty easy fix for most people.

The L3 also comes with an onboard controller that will allow you to monitor your mining rig. It will show you your mining rig’s temperature, voltage, and hash power. If you plan to set up a large mining farm, having this information will allow you to optimize your efficiency and maximize profit.

Buy Antminer L3 – Should You


Antminer L3 For Sale
Antminer L3++ For Sale

We think that the Antminer L3++, L3+ and Antminer L3 is a great choice for someone who wants to get into mining. They are very affordable, and they still provide much hashing power. The power consumption is quite low and will run cool if you have adequate ventilation. We highly recommend this machine for miners who want to get involved in the crypto game but don’t have enough space or cash to buy a larger rig.

What can you do to reduce total power consumption? The quickest way is by installing additional fans for better airflow. We recommend adding at least three fans to your setup so you can get better ventilation and reduce the cooling requirements of your rig.

The Bitmain Antminer L3++ price is low including the L3+ and the L3 ++…now is a good time to buy from sellers like Miners For Sale. It is sturdy, reliable, and provides the hashing power that many people are looking for. You need to take your time and learn everything you can about this miner before making the purchase. If you need any additional information, feel free to comment below or ask Bitmain.

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Bitmain Antbox Antminer Mining Container For Sale

Bitmain Antbox Bitcoin Mining Container

Bitmain Antbox Bitcoin Mining Container  for Antminer Crypto Mining

Bitmain Antbox Bitcoin Mining Container
Bitmain Antbox N3 Mobile Mining Container

The Bitmain Antbox is a leading mobile mining farm that is available to both businesses and consumers. With the new Bitmain Antbox, consumers can use a Antminer mining farm regardless of the temperature and the amount of electricity available. Anyone interested in getting the new Bitmain Antbox can order one today. To order, all you need to do is contact the company and request the item. It will be delivered to you within a week. When ordering this item, you will be charged a 10% facilitation fee over the cost of the mining farm.

One of the best things about the Bitmain Antbox is that it offers mining from one box. This makes it very simple to mine without having to rely on additional devices. Along with using one box, the mining farm is engineered to remain powerful and cool at the same time. As a result, it is the ideal item to have when looking to use a mining farm to its fullest extent.

Antminer Mobile Bitcoin Mining Container
Mining Container Bitmain Antbox Mobile Mining

By using Antbox, consumers can take advantage of one of the most efficient mobile mining farms available. The box is composed of a standard container that is well constructed. Once you connect all of the electricity and networks, you can then begin mining for bitcoins immediately. With this box, you can easily save a lot of time and money when looking to build a mining farm. As well as being made up of a solid construction, according to TurnkeyBitcoinMining the Antbox Bitcoin mining container is also easy to transport which allows users to migrate during the year in order to get better access to cheap water, electricity and also mine in temperatures that are most suitable for mining.

An Antbox has a single row design that includes adequate dissipation through fan cooling, an extensive curtain wall and shutters that are powered by electricity. A single box can store 324 units of Bitmain Antminer and comes with a one year warranty. With this box, you are guaranteed to make profits within the first year of use as well.Bitmain Antbox For Sale

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Antminer S19 Pro For Sale

Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro Price

Antminer S19 Pro For Sale

Now’s the Best Time to Buy a New or Used Antminer S19 Pro
Begin your BTC mining journey — or continue it — with an Antminer S19j. Prices start at only $7,500. Those looking for a bit more firepower may want to opt for the S19 Pro with costs starting at around $9,000. Of course, with the ongoing situation in flux, prices are expected to fluctuate accordingly. For the most current price sheet, please contact us directly. If you are only looking for a couple of machines, we will give you a referral to an excellent resource. If you need a quote immediately, we can get it for you. Our 100Th machines are located in Malaysia, the United States, and China — and they are ready to be shipped right now.

Antminer S19 Pro For SaleNeed Hosting Rates? We Can Help You with That

Antminer S19 Pro Price

Are you all in with your BTC mining plans? If so, let’s talk about hosting rates. Ours start at 5.5 kwh cents. If you require something a little different, we can connect you with one of our amazing partners. Our goal is to make S19 buying and hosting plans as cost-effective and simple as possible. If you want to get around fees for tariffs and taxes while avoiding dreaded shipping charges, reach out to us. When you’re serious about acquiring miners and starting to hash as soon as possible, our team wants to help. Again, prices are fluctuating due to the market, so talk to us directly for assistance.

Antminer S10 Pro PriceBitmain Antminer S19 Pro Prices

In New York
Purchase S19 95TH for $(Call Us) with hosting at $185 per month
Purchase S17 60TH for $4800 with hosting at $104 per month
Terms for One Year
Get started ASAP

For Wyoming, Kentucky and Arkansas
Purchase S19j 90t, S19 110TH or S19 95t for $(Call Us) with hosting at $180 per month
Go Month to Month
Get started ASAP

South Carolina and Colorado
Purchase S19 (110TH or 95TH) for $9,999 with hosting at $180 per month
MOQ 10
Terms for One Year
Start ASAP
*Contact us for colocation information.

Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro PriceManaged BTC Hosting
For people and teams who prefer a hands-off approach, this is an excellent option. When you don’t want to deal with purchasing miners or hosting, consider this turnkey option. You’ll receive guaranteed Terahash for three years.

36 Months of Th – Guaranteed
Pay between $34.95 and $44.95 per Terahash
OPEX fee of $1.69 per Terahash
Management charge between 10-15%
Around-the-clock customer service

Starting Points for 500Th (MOQ)
One-time fee: $22,475
OPEX monthly fee for three years: $845
Potential yield: 2.25-2.5 BTC over three years

Starting Points for 5,000Th
One-time fee: $209,750
OPEX monthly fee for three years: $8,450
Potential yield: 22-25 BTC over three years

Starting Points for 10,000Th
One-time fee: $389,500
OPEX monthly fee for three years: $16,900
Potential yield: 44 to 50 BTC over three years

*Obviously, these figures are all ballpark and will change according to the market. For the most up-to-date information, call, text or email us directly. Feel free to request a brochure.

About the Antminer S19 & S19 Pro & S19J
These impressive tools were released last year. However, most crypto people are familiar with the Antminer. The Antminer L7 for sale and S17 Pro were very popular, and the manufacturer has managed to improve upon them. With the Antminer S19 (95TH), miners will marvel at the efficiency. Most of it is due to a revolutionary new chip set that powers the system. Running on 3250 watts and mining the SHA-256 algorithm, the Antminer S19 has indeed won over a lot of fans. But, for those who are very serious about capitalizing off of all the latest news, the Pro 100Th version of the machine boasts even more impressive efficiency.

With so much movement in the market recently, it’s up to miners to locate efficient systems that will work for the long haul. The amount of opportunity these days has expanded tremendously due to unforeseen circumstances, and savvy miners need to take advantage.

Antminer S19 Pros
-Manufactured by Bitmain, which is one of the most revered names in mining.
-Incredible Terahashing rates and extraordinary efficiency
-PSU comes with it

Antminer S19 Cons
-Not always easy to find in Canada and the U.S.
-Customers pay a lot for the improved efficiency
-Still needs to establish itself as a leader in its niche

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Antminer Statistics

Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro Price

Antminer Statistics 2022-2021, 2020-2019

  • The Antminer E9 Creates 3Gh/s and Uses 2556W
  • The Antminer S9 Has a 13.5Th/s Hash Rate
  • The Antminer U3 Uses 63W to Produce 6.3Gh/s
  • The Antminer S9 Runs at 85db
  • The Antminer S9 Creates 0.00011193 BTC/24h in Profit
  • The Antminer S19 Pro Has a 110Th/s Hash Rate
  • The Antminer S9 Generates $1.5 per Day at $0.05 KW/hr
  • The Antminer S11 Runs at 0.075j/Gh

The Antminer E9 Will Have a 3Gh/s Hash Rate While Consuming 2556W of Power

The E9’s 3Gh/s hash rate is powerful enough to generate up to 179$ a day in profit. Since the E9 only uses 2556W of power, it would cost a little more than $7 a day to run if you paid $0.12 KW/hr. That makes it among the most profitable miners on the market as of the moment. It has an energy efficiency ratio of 0.852 j/Gh. Although it’s not the most efficient machine, it creates one of the largest daily profits. You could mine as much as $170 in profit each day with one of them.

Antminer S9 Produces 13.5TH/s at 0.098W/GH

The S9 has one of the most powerful hash rates in the industry. 13.5Th/s is the same as 1350 Gh/s. So, the S9 is nearly a thousand times more powerful than many other machines. Additionally, it only needs 1323 W of power. As a result, the S9 has an amazing hash rate to power consumption ratios at 0.098W/Gh. That means it only takes 0.098 W of power to compute 1 Gh. The less power that a machine needs to run, the less it’ll cost you to keep it on. You want a machine that generates the most computing power for each unit of energy it needs. More efficient machines are always going to be more profitable.

The Antminer U3 6.3GH/s and Uses 63W of Power

The Antminer U3 is one of the least expensive miners that Bitmain manufactures. It only costs $38, and it only needs 63 W of power. This mining machine is great for people who don’t have a ton of money to invest. It’ll still compute at 6.3Gh/s, making it a profitable investment. It may not be as impressive as some machines, but it still holds its own against much of the competition. The U3 may not always be profitable because of its slow hash rate, though. However, as long as prices remain above a certain level, they’ll still turn a profit.

The Antminer S9 Creates 85db of Sound

Some people prefer their machines to run quietly. The S9 is one of the louder machines currently on the market. It runs about 30% louder than the S7. However, you’ll have a machine that creates a significantly greater profit. Its hash rate is a lot better than the S7’s.

The Antminer S9 Created 0.00011193 BTC/24h in Profit Over the Course of a Month

The S9 can turn a profit each day. After accounting for the cost of electricity, it’ll generate 0.00011193 BTC in profit each day. That’s assuming you’ve been paying $0.1 KW/hr. It’s possible for you to make even more profit if you can find cheaper electricity. The less you spend on electricity, the better your profit ratio will be. That 0.00011193 BTC in profit would be equivalent to roughly $0.79. You could create even more profit by having more than one of these machines running at the same time. Each of them would add their power to your overall revenue at the end of the month.

At $0.05 Kw/hr, the S9 Would Produce 1.5$ of Profit Each Day

The less you spend on electricity, the greater the profit will be. If you only had to pay $0.05 KW/hr, the S9 would create $1.5 in profit every 24 hours. If you run the machine for a whole month, you’d earn about 66$ in profit. You’d have 0.00346851 BTC at the end of the month, worth about 160$. However, you’d have to pay 0.00193039 BTC to cover the cost of electricity. The 0.00153813 BTC leftover after you paid for the electricity would be worth about 66$.

The Antminer S19 Pro Has a 110Th/s Hash Rate and Consumes 3250W of Power

If you are looking for a powerful machine, it’ll be tough to beat the S19. This machine’s 110Th/s hash rate makes it thousands of times more powerful than other models. Better yet, even though it’s so much more powerful, it doesn’t need much more electricity. A single 3250 W power supply would be more than enough to keep it running. At the end of a month, you’d earn about $27 in daily profit with one of these.

The Antminer S11 Has a 0.075j/GH Efficiency Ratio

j/Gh is a ratio that expresses how much energy it takes to compute a single Gigahash. The S11 has a 0.075 j/Gh energy efficiency ratio. That means that this machine is one of the most efficient on the market. Because the S11 is so efficient, it’s among the most profitable miners available. Running one of them for a full month could generate as much as $179 in profit. Most other machines create less than $10 a day in total profit.

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Antminer L7 For Sale

Antminer L7 For Sale

Antminer L7 For SaleBitmain Antminer L7 for Sale is proud to announce that the Bitmain Antminer L7 Scrypt miner is available for preorder from our supply partners. This model is scheduled for release in November 2021, and is ideal for mining altcoins, like Dogecoin or Litecoin.

About the Unit

The Antminer L7 packs 3,425 W of power draw into a small form factor interfacing with Ethernet. It is roughly 7.6″ x 11.5″ x 14.6″ and weighs 16.5 pounds. This means it can be placed in tighter spaces, so long as its environment stays within the 5 – 45 °C and 5 – 95% humidity ranges. A quad-fan thermal management system operating at 75 dB keeps the unit cool.

Antminer L7 Price

Pricing and availability for preorders of the Antminer L7 will vary from day to day. Wholesale rates for purchases of 10 or more units, as well as special landed pricing for purchases of 1 – 2 units, are available through Antminer For Sale; simply contact us.

The below table lists current pricing estimates for upcoming production batches of the Antminer L7.

Model number Production month Condition Price (USD)
Antminer L7-9160M November 2021 NEW $22,255
Antminer L7-9500M November 2021 NEW $23,890
Antminer L7-9160M December 2021 NEW $19,100

Bitmain Antminer L7 Buy/Host Packages

If you prefer not to self-host your miners, buy/host packages for the Antminer L7-9160M are available through three different Miner hosting partners.

How does a buy/host package work? You preorder the miner from the hosting facility. They will receive the miner on your behalf and handle installation, connection and maintenance for a monthly rate charged by the kilowatt hour. You remain the owner of the mining equipment, and when you no longer need offsite hosting, the facility will send you your miners.

Pricing and Host Options for the Antminer L7-9160M

New York

  • Email for miner preorder price
  • Monthly rate $0.075/kwh all in
  • Must order at least one Antminer L7 unit

South Carolina

  • Miner preorder pricing
    • November 2021 batch: $23,000
    • December 2021 batch: $21,000
    • January 2022 batch: $20,000
  • Hosting fees of $0.075/kwh all in
  • Must order at least ten Antminer L7 units


  • Email for miner preorder price
  • Hosting fee: $0.075 – $0.085/kwh all in
  • Must order at least five Antminer L7 units

How to Preorder

To check availability of the Antminer L7 or obtain a quote, the fastest way to reach us is by email

You can also call us!