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Antminer Statistics

Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro Price

Antminer Statistics 2022-2021, 2020-2019

  • The Antminer E9 Creates 3Gh/s and Uses 2556W
  • The Antminer S9 Has a 13.5Th/s Hash Rate
  • The Antminer U3 Uses 63W to Produce 6.3Gh/s
  • The Antminer S9 Runs at 85db
  • The Antminer S9 Creates 0.00011193 BTC/24h in Profit
  • The Antminer S19 Pro Has a 110Th/s Hash Rate
  • The Antminer S9 Generates $1.5 per Day at $0.05 KW/hr
  • The Antminer S11 Runs at 0.075j/Gh

The Antminer E9 Will Have a 3Gh/s Hash Rate While Consuming 2556W of Power

The E9’s 3Gh/s hash rate is powerful enough to generate up to 179$ a day in profit. Since the E9 only uses 2556W of power, it would cost a little more than $7 a day to run if you paid $0.12 KW/hr. That makes it among the most profitable miners on the market as of the moment. It has an energy efficiency ratio of 0.852 j/Gh. Although it’s not the most efficient machine, it creates one of the largest daily profits. You could mine as much as $170 in profit each day with one of them.

Antminer S9 Produces 13.5TH/s at 0.098W/GH

The S9 has one of the most powerful hash rates in the industry. 13.5Th/s is the same as 1350 Gh/s. So, the S9 is nearly a thousand times more powerful than many other machines. Additionally, it only needs 1323 W of power. As a result, the S9 has an amazing hash rate to power consumption ratios at 0.098W/Gh. That means it only takes 0.098 W of power to compute 1 Gh. The less power that a machine needs to run, the less it’ll cost you to keep it on. You want a machine that generates the most computing power for each unit of energy it needs. More efficient machines are always going to be more profitable.

The Antminer U3 6.3GH/s and Uses 63W of Power

The Antminer U3 is one of the least expensive miners that Bitmain manufactures. It only costs $38, and it only needs 63 W of power. This mining machine is great for people who don’t have a ton of money to invest. It’ll still compute at 6.3Gh/s, making it a profitable investment. It may not be as impressive as some machines, but it still holds its own against much of the competition. The U3 may not always be profitable because of its slow hash rate, though. However, as long as prices remain above a certain level, they’ll still turn a profit.

The Antminer S9 Creates 85db of Sound

Some people prefer their machines to run quietly. The S9 is one of the louder machines currently on the market. It runs about 30% louder than the S7. However, you’ll have a machine that creates a significantly greater profit. Its hash rate is a lot better than the S7’s.

The Antminer S9 Created 0.00011193 BTC/24h in Profit Over the Course of a Month

The S9 can turn a profit each day. After accounting for the cost of electricity, it’ll generate 0.00011193 BTC in profit each day. That’s assuming you’ve been paying $0.1 KW/hr. It’s possible for you to make even more profit if you can find cheaper electricity. The less you spend on electricity, the better your profit ratio will be. That 0.00011193 BTC in profit would be equivalent to roughly $0.79. You could create even more profit by having more than one of these machines running at the same time. Each of them would add their power to your overall revenue at the end of the month.

At $0.05 Kw/hr, the S9 Would Produce 1.5$ of Profit Each Day

The less you spend on electricity, the greater the profit will be. If you only had to pay $0.05 KW/hr, the S9 would create $1.5 in profit every 24 hours. If you run the machine for a whole month, you’d earn about 66$ in profit. You’d have 0.00346851 BTC at the end of the month, worth about 160$. However, you’d have to pay 0.00193039 BTC to cover the cost of electricity. The 0.00153813 BTC leftover after you paid for the electricity would be worth about 66$.

The Antminer S19 Pro Has a 110Th/s Hash Rate and Consumes 3250W of Power

If you are looking for a powerful machine, it’ll be tough to beat the S19. This machine’s 110Th/s hash rate makes it thousands of times more powerful than other models. Better yet, even though it’s so much more powerful, it doesn’t need much more electricity. A single 3250 W power supply would be more than enough to keep it running. At the end of a month, you’d earn about $27 in daily profit with one of these.

The Antminer S11 Has a 0.075j/GH Efficiency Ratio

j/Gh is a ratio that expresses how much energy it takes to compute a single Gigahash. The S11 has a 0.075 j/Gh energy efficiency ratio. That means that this machine is one of the most efficient on the market. Because the S11 is so efficient, it’s among the most profitable miners available. Running one of them for a full month could generate as much as $179 in profit. Most other machines create less than $10 a day in total profit.